Through centuries, civilizations of all corners of the world have covered themselves with various forms of drapy kimonos, robes, jackets, cardigans and other traditional garments which cover shoulders, back and often drape themselves around the upper-body all the way through to the feet. Inspired by diversity and eccentricity of previous generations, Kazanah aims to deliver a blend of colors, fabrics and cuts which remind us of different ambiances, different styles and perhaps different places we may have traveled to.
The overarching philosophy at Kazanah lies very much in the exploration of cultures and places which go beyond our everyday habitat. It is in the permanent push for discovery that lies the beauty of the unknown driving creativity and serendipity. We think of ourselves as humble fighters of the conventional, the blending in and the perpetual surrender to macro fashionista trends.


Kazanah is made by young designers in Down Town Los Angeles. We insist on working with high quality fabrics only that are sourced from across the world and bought in the US.